HVAC Maintenance Plans


A specialized HVAC maintenance plan with a company that you trust like Taylor Refrigeration will save you time and money whether it is for your home or business.

Though it may be nearly impossible to prevent all the heating and air conditioning problems, there are ways we can help you prepare for them. With some HVAC warranty companies, there are no guarantees that the repairmen will arrive on the same day or even week. Repairs could potentially also cost you money on top of your warranty coverage, especially if you find yourself dealing with a broken A/C unit in summertime.

How do you keep yourself away from subpar service that costs hundreds of dollars on top of the services you’ve already paid for? The smartest thing to do is to get an HVAC system maintenance plan for your home or business.

With an HVAC system maintenance plan, you can look forward to faster response times, save on cost and reduce headaches. For more than 65 years, we, at Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, have been providing the best Comfort Plans for routine maintenance to customers located in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, St. Johns, Palm Coast and surrounding areas in Northeast Florida.

Routine maintenance, such as changing the filter can be handled by most anyone, but there are other portions of air conditioning maintenance that require professional service.

If you find that your air conditioning unit is not producing as much cold air as it used to, it could be an indication that your air conditioning unit needs a refrigerant charge, or it has airflow problems that may require servicing.

Work to be performed:

• Check and replace filters and UV bulbs as needed. (1” standard filters are included, customized filters and UV bulbs are additional)

• Check thermostat calibration and settings.

• Check capacitor values to ensure within specifications

• Clean and flush drain line, primary and secondary drain pans and add algae tablets.

• Clean the condensing coil and remove debris from inside the unit.

• Inspect and clean coil surface in place (if accessible).This includes spraying the indoor coil with disinfectant.

• Inspect and tighten all wiring.

• Measure temperature differential.

• Measure amp draw of motors, compressor, and electric heaters.

• Monitor refrigerant pressures and system operation in cooling and heating mode.

• Test the safety float switch(if applicable)

Taylor Refrigeration also has maintenance plans to ensure your equipment stays in good working order!

10 Reasons to sign-up for a comfort plan
Savings to you:
1. Priority customer status
2. 15% off repairs
3. Seasonal discounts on duct cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, pleated filters and IAQ products
4. Semi-annual maintenance keeps your system running the way it was designed to, EFFICIENTLY!
Equipment benefits:
5. Meets manufacturer warranty requirements
6. Lower utility bills
7. Extended equipment life
8. Fewer repairs
9. Improved reliability
10. Professionally trained maintenance technicians and expert recommendations

No diagnostic fees! A worry free, comprehensive maintenance plan

*applicable with our comfort plan plus, prepaid maintenance agreement

Taylor Refrigeration Comfort Plans

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