Taylor Refrigeration Residential Maintenance Plans

Taylor Refrigeration Residential Maintenance Plans

A specialized HVAC maintenance plan with Taylor Refrigeration will save you time and money for your home.

Agreement Features:

  • Verify Proper Coolant Levels
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize indoor and outdoor unit coils
  • Wax both indoor and outdoor units.
  • Clear drain line
  • Replace all filters (standard 1” filter included)
  • Verify heating and cooling modes

Benefits of our HVAC system maintenance plan

  • Cleaning and Checkups – You can surely look forward to semi-annual inspections and professional cleanings, to ensure that your HVAC system is running properly as well as to extend the life of your system with the proper maintenance. Those services aren’t included in the home warranties and are completely free every six months under the HVAC maintenance plan. If maintenance is neglected, a home warranty company may deny any claims for repair work, and can state that the breakdown was due to poor maintenance, leaving repairs up to you, the owner.
  • Discounts on Parts and Repair – Our HVAC maintenance plan saves you money when you need it to. We will never charge you a disgnostic fee for repairs on a maintenance visit. When work is needed, we help you save money by offering 15% off repairs.
  • Lower Utility Bills - Home warranties are more focused on finding you  repair and replacement, while tune-ups provided by your maintenance plan results in savings on your monthly electric bill. With regular tune-ups, your HVAC unit enjoy up to 95% of its original efficiency – this means that you’ll save money in the long run, as you won’t need to buy another HVAC system for many years.
  • Priority Scheduling – Naturally, you’d want instant or at least priority service instead of waiting for days for someone to just come out and look at your system. With the maintenance plan, you will be placed on a priority schedule, and you can receive same day service any time of the year.
  • Service you can Rely on – You’re already dealing with Taylor Refrigeration, a company you already trust and like, so why not get a maintenance plan? With home warranty, you don’t have the option of selecting the repair company that will service your A/C unit. Usually, the only angle warranty collectors are looking for is to generate additional revenue above what the home warranty company pays them, so you run the risk of paying twice as much.

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