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For climates with moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. Similar to a refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer.

During the colder months, heat pumps move heat from the cool outdoors into your warm house; and during the warmer months, heat pumps move heat from your cool house into the warm outdoors.

Because heat pumps move heat rather than generate heat, heat pumps can provide equivalent space conditioning at as little as one quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances.

The most common type of heat pump is the air-source heat pump, which transfers heat between your house and the outside air. If you heat with electricity, the heat pump can cut the amount of electricity you use for heating by as much as 30 to 40%.

High-efficiency heat pumps also dehumidify better than standard central air conditioners, resulting in less energy usage and more cooling comfort in summer months.

However, the efficiency of most air-source heat pumps as a heat source drops dramatically at low temperatures, meaning this makes them generally unsuitable for colder climates, although there are systems that can overcome the problem.


If you live in a home without ducts, air-source heat pumps are also available in a ductless version called a mini-split heat pump, called a "reverse cycle chiller." This generates hot and cold water rather than air, allowing it to be used with the radiant floor heating systems when on heating mode.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal (ground or water-source) heat pumps achieve higher efficiencies by transferring heat between your house and the ground or any nearby water source.

Although they cost a bit more to install, geothermal heat pumps have low operating costs because they take advantage of relatively constant ground or water temperatures.

Whether a geothermal heat pump is appropriate for you may depend on the size of your lot, the subsoil and the landscape. Ground-source or water-source heat pumps can be used in more extreme climates than air-source heat pumps, then customer satisfaction with the systems is fairly high.

A new type of heat pump for residential systems is the absorption heat pump, also called a gas-fired heat pump. Absorption heat pumps use heat as their energy source, and can be driven with a wide variety of heat sources.

Taylor Refrigeration and Air Conditioning always strives to provide our customers with the best and most reliable equipment available. As technology enhances the life span and efficiency of today’s systems, we want to be sure that our customers are informed and educated on the best products available. Should you have questions about your current system or available options for a new system, please contact us at 904-289-2355. We look forward to providing you with the best equipment and service for your home comfort needs.



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