Commercial Coolers and Freezers

Why You Need a Cooler and Freezer in Your Commercial Properties

Commercial freezer

Be it meat, vegetables, fruits, or perishable, establishments like restaurants, meat shops, and schools, need a place to store these items. However, the common wooden shelf or metal lockers would simply not do. In cases like these, there is only one place to keep these goods from decaying or melting any faster, and that is a cooler or freezer.

Dining out has gone from the occasional treat to a staple for most individuals and families.
Restaurants are around every corner, so it's essential to make sure you have adequate refrigerated storage space that keeps foods at optimal temperatures to ensure you can meet customer demand. Taylor Refrigeration is the expert at helping you select the right size and models for your needs and space. When it comes to serving fresh or perishable goods, restaurants always have to strive to keep food at the optimal temperatures. Your establishment can ensure that whether it's chopped, cooked, or frozen, the food is safe to serve and consume.

Get the Best Cooler and Freezer Equipment only at Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Keep your perishable goods healthy and safe to consume with Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning’s high-quality coolers and freezers. Commercial freezer We, at Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, know what it means to be “cool.” For more than 60 years, we have been creating innovative cooling equipment, and offer the best AC related services, that will benefit both residential and commercial spaces in the surrounding areas located in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, St. Johns, Palm Coast and most other areas in Northeast Florida.

Our company understands that fresh is always best, and if you are in need of top-of-the-line coolers and freezers, to keep your goods in their best shape, then give us a call at: 904-289-2355, or visit our contact page here, and we’ll help you end your search right away!

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