Cooling Your Spaces the Wireless Way with Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Cooling Your Spaces the Wireless Way with Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

With the power of today’s technology, people can now complete simple tasks with a single touch of a button. For example, with the remote control, flipping through channels on the television is made easier; while the microwave, on the other hand, can easily heat up meals in one minute flat. With these innovative technological advancements, we, at Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, pushed this force into its limits, and created equipment that has revolutionized the cooling system industry.

Our wireless cooling systems will enable you to lower your property’s temperature without having to turn the knob of every unit. This forward thinking concept will not only make the cooling process faster, but easier too because you can now regulate your room’s temperature via your mobile devices.

Switching to wireless cooling systems is also beneficial for commercially used properties. Because of the massive spaces they occupy, it will be time consuming to go to the individual units and affix them with their preferred temperature. It is also possible that they will have customers who will disapprove of the establishment’s environment and tamper with the thermostat. With this innovative wireless system installed, however, you will be provided with these top 3 benefits:

Gives you total control from anywhere

Cooling Your Spaces the Wireless Way with Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Since this system is part of modern technology, you have the ability to regulate the temperature and energy room from virtually anywhere, as long as you are able to access Wi-Fi.

Equips you with the Smart Thermostat

This AI program finds the best way to keep the settings of your wireless systems in money-saving modes. It adapts and develops patterns that match your comfort needs, giving your spaces a more personalized touch.

Freedom to place it anywhere

A wireless set-up means that you are able to use multiple thermostats without having to go through all the wiring work. They can be placed anywhere and will perform well to keep your areas cool.

Choose Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for All Your Wireless Cooling System Needs

We have been in the cooling business for more than 60 years. Our company has happily served numerous residential and commercial properties, and we want to provide properties located in the surrounding areas of St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, St. Johns, Palm Coast and most other areas in Northeast Florida, with the same excellence we have given them.

All of our machines are made with high-quality materials and are supervised under the eyes of professionals. So if you are in need of the best wireless cooling systems, equipment, and excellent AC related services, then look further than Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, because we know what you need. Call us at: 904-289-2355 or visit our contact page if you wish to purchase our amazing products.

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