AC R-22 Refrigerant Shortage in St. Augustine, Florida

R-22 Refrigerant Shortage  St. Augustine, Florida

In 2010, the EPA banned the use of R-22 refrigerant (otherwise known as Freon™) in new air conditioner models. Because of this, air conditioners that were manufactured prior to 2010 won’t receive proper maintenance and services in the future. However, Taylor Refrigeration & AC will do our best to help people who still own systems older than 2010. For now, here’s what to expect in the years to come.

R-22 Refrigerant Shortage  St. Augustine, Florida

R-22 Refrigerant will be illegal to use once year 2020 hits. Due to the R-22 Refrigerant ban, there’s only a limited supply of R-22 available for distribution. With very little R-22 Refrigerant to spare, the price of R-22 has significantly increased (300% to be exact), and is likely to increase by summer. We’ve been told by our supplier that we can only purchase one drum of R-22 Refrigerant because of the limited supply. One drum isn’t enough because we have 15 trucks that need 3 drums each just to cover 2 months. Currently, we are looking for R-22 Refrigerant suppliers who could sell us 3 to 4 drums at a time, but most of our suppliers have communicated to us that they only have 6 drums in their entire warehouse. We do have some R-22 Refrigerant left in stock, but they won’t last long. We’re also looking for alternative Refrigerants, but currently they all have some sort of drawback.

Early Tune Ups and Maintenance

To avoid running into problems with this issue, Taylor Refrigeration & AC has decided to move our AC service, maintenance and tune ups earlier for our clients. This will allow us to figure out if you need R-22 Refrigerant replacement right away. We’ll also look into possible damage that is causing you to lose R-22 Refrigerant. Better yet, we can recommend you to replace your current unit before R-22 Refrigerant prices increase and supplies dwindle.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Taylor Refrigeration & AC at 904-289-2355 for any questions, inquiries or concerns.

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