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Many of our customers own vacation rentals on St. Augustine Beach. The last thing they want to worry about during the busy season (pretty much year round here) is air conditioning problems!

We offer competitive rates on year round maintenance, filter changes and dryer vent cleanings for our condo customers! We also realize many of these customers live out of town, so we set up most appointments with the on site office team, making it a worry free//hassle free process.

Life at the beach...

When choosing an air conditioning system for your condo or home near the beach, here are a important things to keep in mind:

  • Salt air. The salt air will lead to corrosion on the outdoor unit. The proper choice in unit and regular maintenance can extend the life of your heating and cooling system. In certain applications we recommend the Carrier Coastal Unit, which is specifically designed for coastal conditions.
  • High temperatures & Humidity. We know the comfort of your guests is extremely important, but so is the cost associated with heating and cooling. According to energystar.gov, nearly half of your annual energy bill goes to heating and cooling needs. Choosing an energy efficient system (the higher the SEER the more efficient), especially in Florida can result in lower energy costs. For added control over the humidity consider a variable speed blower. The variable speed blower is designed to run longer at lower speeds, efficiently removing the humidity.
  • Control. A programmable thermostat set to the proper settings will also save on heating and cooling costs. In reality, most guests are less likely to adjust the thermostat if they are continuously comfortable. For added control, a wireless thermostat with remote access via your PC, smart phone or tablet is a great choice. Remotely monitor the settings of your condo with the touch of a button!
Have more questions about your condo? Let us know, we are happy to help make your life at the beach worry and hassle free!
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Since 1951
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