What to Do When Your AC is Frozen?

Your air conditioning unit is created to keep your property cool. But sometimes, your AC unit gets too cold and freezes itself up. This usually happens due to one of three circumstances, and these are:

What to Do When Your AC is Frozen?

1. Chilling outdoor temperatures

When it’s snowing outside, there is a high chance that your air conditioning unit will become completely frozen. Most outdoor units will stop functioning when the temperature hits below 60°F. In other cases, the cold nights will keep your AC unit from operating properly.

2. Something’s blocking the flow

Your AC unit’s evaporator coil will freeze up there is very little air flow. Humid air will collect on the coil and cause ice to build up. This also diminishes your system’s cooling capacity. Things that can block your AC unit’s air flow can be as simple as unkempt air filters, to something complex as damaged blower motors.

3. Leaking refrigeration system

If your AC’s refrigerant is leaking, the evaporator coil’s pressure will drop. This will allow moisture to accumulate in the coil and freeze.

To address the freezing problem, the first rational thing to do is to turn your system off. Once that’s done, you need to let your unit thaw or defrost. After that, you can look at your AC unit both inside and out.

Simple AC Unit Fixes You Can Do

Like what was said earlier, your AC’s frozen state could’ve been caused by a damaged blower or dirty air filters. The simplest way to resolve the problem is to replace your AC’s broken parts and give it a good cleaning. You may also want to check its evaporating coil and refrigerant to see if they are damaged or leaking. Replacing or cleaning your AC is the logical step to take when tackling the initial frozen problems. But sometimes, you’ll encounter a scenario where you have no idea what’s freezing your AC unit, and when that time comes, it is best that you contact the professionals right away.

When You’re Unsure Call the Experts

When you’re ready to throw in the towel, let the experts swoop in and save you the trouble. After all, the professionals know everything that has to do with AC units and the like. They have the necessary tools required to determine the problem, and are able to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

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