What is a Diagnostic Fee?

Our answer to a very common customer question (it's ok to have questions)

Common Customer Question

Most businesses in the service and repair industry have some type of a charge for responding to evaluate and determine the problem with your heating and cooling system. At Taylor Refrigeration & AC we want you to understand exactly what you are receiving on a service call.

Taylor Refrigeration charges a diagnostic fee for calls where we respond to evaluate your ac system(s) and determine the cause of the problem. This fee does not cover repairs that may be necessary to get the system working and operating correctly. Specific to those customers with Preventative Maintenance Agreements, you will not be charged a diagnostic fee if your ac system is in need of a repair at the time of a routine maintenance inspection.

We pride ourselves on employing highly trained and capable HVAC technicians who are experts at evaluating systems and determining the best, most cost effective strategy in order to get your system up and running. When your system is evaluated by a Taylor Refrigeration technician you can rest assured that your system is receiving the best in quality and care.

Our technicians are certified and daily demonstrate a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. When you call with a heating or cooling emergency, you receive the technician’s service, time and expert opinion. Taylor trained technicians have the knowledge and tools to repair your HVAC system as well as provide you with recommendations for the best course of action moving.

In conclusion, an HVAC expert on a diagnostic visit can accurately diagnose your system and provide you a fair quote for repairs.Ultimately, the greatest benefit of a professional diagnostic visit from Taylor Refrigeration and A/C is peace of mind that you received an honest and thorough evaluation of your system from a local company serving this community for more than 60 years. As always, we stand behind our work and want to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with the service they receive. If you have additional questions about a service visit or would like to set up a Preventative Maintenance contract please give us a call today at 904-289-2355 or visit us on the web at www.taylorrefrig.com

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Since 1951
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