Understanding the components of your air conditioner

Components Of Your Air Conditioner

If you are like many people, for the most part technical repairs tend to leave you a little, if not a lot confused. In the world of air conditioning, this tends to be the case more often than not. Here at Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we want you to understand and feel comfortable with the information we provide on a service call. Today we are going to give you a basic lesson on evaporator and condenser coils, what they do, and why you need them in your A/C.

How does your A/C work?

Your homes A/C system is filled with refrigerant (coolant), a significant component of the air conditioning cooling process. This compound is unique in that it transitions easily from liquid to gas and back to liquid again as it travels through your system removing heat from inside the house. This process takes place inside the evaporator or condenser coils.

What does the Evaporator Coil do?

In the majority of Florida homes, the evaporator coil is located in the dedicated air-handling unit. As refrigerant is pumped through the copper coil, it transitions from a liquid state into a gas simultaneously absorbing heat and moisture from the inside air. During this process, heat and water vapor are removed and the result is cooler, drier air. From this point, the system blower and air ducts do the work circulating this cool, dry and conditioned air throughout your home.

What does the Condenser Coil do?

During the process of removing heat from the home, your A/C system pumps the heated refrigerant outside to the compressor/condenser (outside unit). This compressor returns pressure to the refrigerant, bringing it back to a liquid state. From this point, it passes through the condenser coil, releasing heat to the outside air with the help of your exhaust fan. This completes the cycle and brings the liquid refrigerant back to the inside air handler where the process begins again.

As with most mechanical systems, the ability for them to operate and function as designed relies heavily on proper care and maintenance. Specifically, when talking about evaporator and condenser coils they must be cleaned and maintained regularly allowing unrestricted air-flow to both inside and outside units.

Here at Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we understand that HVAC systems can be intimidating and complicated to understand. We want you the customer to always feel comfortable and informed about the service we provide. Ultimately, we want to make your home climate comfortable for you and your family, while ensuring your system is functioning as efficiently as possible. Don’t let your system become inefficient due to lack of proper care and maintenance. Call us today to schedule your system maintenance and let us cool down your home and get your system running as efficiently as possible.

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