TOTAL Home Comfort

The TOTAL Indoor Comfort System

Today we are going to breakdown and explain all of the features and components that make up a complete indoor comfort system.We hope that through this explanation you will have a better understanding of how an HVAC system works and how all the components working together make your home a comfortable place to be while also saving you money on energy costs.

TOTAL Indoor Comfort System

  • Heat Pump – This component provides reliable energy efficient heating and cooling for long lasting comfort and energy savings. This is the most common system type found in the northeast Florida area.
  • Fan Coil – The indoor section of your heat pump and should be properly matched to the outdoor unit for improved efficiency and long-term reliability. Having non-matched components can lead to mechanical failures and/or inefficient operations.
  • Air Cleaner – Improves air quality by removing harmful and irritating airborne pollutants commonly found traveling through your A/C system.
Carrier air filter
  • Ventilator – Combines fresh outdoor air with conditioned indoor air for improved air quality and maximum efficiency. This is especially important in today’s homes, which feature tightly constructed homes limiting air escape.
  • Zoning – Sets different temperatures for different areas of you home for a customized comfort and enhanced energy savings. With this system, you can choose which areas of your home are cooled based on where you spend the most time.
  • UV Lamp – Inhibits the growth of contaminants such as mold and bacteria on the indoor coil, leaving your home with cleaner, fresher indoor air.
UV Lamp
  • Programmable Thermostat – Allows precise temperature and humidity control customized to your busy schedule. We also offer wireless thermostat options that allow temperature control anytime from anyplace via your mobile device.
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We hope this information has provided you with a better understanding of your home A/C system and gives you an idea how all the components work together to ensure optimum comfort and energy efficiency. Should you have any questions about this information or want further information on your system, please contact us at Taylor Refrigeration and A/C at 904-289-2355

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