Tips for Landscaping around the AC

Taylor Refrigeration and AC not only wants to provide you with the highest quality, energy efficient AC system, we also want you to have a system that looks nice at your home. This week we are going to give you a few tips on how to make your AC unit blend into the natural surroundings of your home increasing curb appeal while maintaining efficiency.

Install a Fence:

Fencing in the unit is an easy and clean way to landscape your AC unit. If you choose this option, remember a few key points: keep the fence at least 3ft away from the condenser to ensure good airflow and ease of servicing and always allow easy access to the equipment. Also, if installing a gate, ensure the gate is large enough to remove the unit in the event a replacement becomes necessary. This will prevent you from having to de-construct the fence during the change-out process.

Landscape ac unit
Ensure good airflow

Installing gate

Decorative Grasses/Shrubs:

An easy fix that most residents will be able to accomplish is the addition of some inexpensive ornamental grasses. Try to avoid plants that will grow higher than 5ft, as these can block airflow. Visit any of our local garden nurseries and they can provide you with some great options for this simple fix.

Keep Weeds Out:

While in some instances, we want to encourage good plant growth, in most cases you want to keep the area directly adjacent to the unit free from unwanted weed growth. Check irrigation systems to ensure this area is not being watered. If you have plants in this area utilize a directional spray head or a drip irrigation system. This will prevent weed intrusion on the A/C slab and on or near the unit itself.

Thanks for reading, and we hope these few quick tips can help you make your home and A/C equipment as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Just remember, whatever you build or configure around you A/C unit make sure you ensure good airflow and leave plenty of room for service technicians to complete maintenance and repairs on the unit.

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