Taylor Refrigeration & AC Featured on St. Augustine Social

Taylor Refrigeration & AC was featured on the St. Augustine Social, THE city magazine for St. Augustine, FL. This online magazine strives to promote St. Augustine and its commerce, food flavors, and top tastemakers by celebrating the every day accomplishments of the talented men and women of the community. In St. Augustine, Taylor Refrigeration’s dedication and love for the community is felt within the eagerness to fix all of their heating and air conditioning problems.

Taylor Refrigeration & AC Featured on St. Augustine Social

Ever since it was started in 1951 by Mario Taylor Sr., the company has always been focused on excellence. It’s the foundation of the entire business, and every day is dedicated to upholding that standard with each job that Taylor Refrigeration & AC takes on.

The family-owned business has always taken pride in itself being centered on the customer. Because Taylor Refrigeration is a part of the community, their role in providing top-quality service is always taken seriously. The company’s owners, staff, and technicians all live, work, and raise their families in the area. They all know that prioritizing the happiness of their customers is a great way to repay the community and to showcase the quality of the work that they do.

The care the company shows its customers is also apparent in Taylor Refrigeration & AC’s workplace. While it is first and foremost a company, the people who run it have described themselves as a family that’s dedicated to service of others. Taylor Refrigeration & AC's focused dedication makes them unique from all the others in the same industry.

Aside from excellent service, they’re also very involved in their work. In order to update themselves on the latest technology and techniques being utilized in the industry, they dedicate time to visit suppliers and other experts. The company is comprised of people who have different skill sets and abilities, so its members are always open to new idea and innovations.

Because they’ve centered their business on their customers, their secret to exceptional service is to listen closely to each and every customer that they have. Using the information supplied by the client, the company tailors a solution that fits the customer’s needs, budget, and plans for the future.

If you’d like to experience the care and service that makes them so successful, contact Taylor Refrigeration today. This article was featured in the St. Augustine Social on March 29, 2016. If you would like to read the full feature, click here.