How to choose the right AC system

Equipment Spotlight – Carrier Comfort 13 – Weather Shield Comfort Series

How to choose the right AC system

Living in a coastal community can take a toll on many of your homes mechanical systems as corrosion and deterioration occur much faster than in non-coastal environments. Here at Taylor Refrigeration and A/C we understand that an A/C system is a significant investment that you want to last.Through our relationship with Carrier, we are now offering systems designed to withstand the harsh environments that we live in and protect your investment extending the life of the system while keeping your home comfortable.

Understanding the Carrier Weather Shield Comfort Series System and how it will provide the optimum life span and efficiency in your home.

  • Proven Performance – The Comfort™ 13 Heat Pump with scroll compressor delivers both comfort and reliability. The heart of the system, the compressor runs smoothly and efficiently which contributes to quiet and efficient heating and cooling.
  • Environmentally Sound Refrigerant – Taylor Refrigeration works with Carrier to ensure our systems work to protect the environment. We utilize non-ozone-depleting Puron ® refrigerant. These systems are now operational worldwide exemplifying the reliability, durability and enduring quality of these products.
  • Optimum Efficiency - In order to determine efficiency you can compare either the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). This will give you a rating similar to miles per gallon in your car. Clearly the higher the rating, the better efficiency you are getting, resulting in lower monthly energy costs. These systems offer SEER ratings up to 15 and HSPF ratings up to 8.2. Ratings in this range will provide you with excellent home comfort and energy ratings you can definitely appreciate.
  • Lasting Durability – WeatherArmor™ protection shields the outdoor unit against the harsh seacoast environment. The combination of a galvanized steel cabinet, heavy duty wire coil guard and baked on powder coated paint provides superior rust protection and keeps your system components looking its best for years. Carrier is so confident in their product they offer a five year parts limited warranty on seacoast corrosion.
  • Protection you can Trust – Dual paint coverage on all exposed sheet metal delivers additional protection against harsh coastal conditions. The Carrier® dual paint system applies a special protective coating on both the front and back of the metal cabinet to shield it from rust both inside and out.
  • Uncompromising Quality – ArmorPlate™ coil coating protects the outdoor coil fin from harsh salt air. A specially formulated epoxy is permanently bonded to the coil surfaces preventing the destruction corrosion that is common in coastal areas
  • Quiet Operation – The Comfort 13 heat pump quietly cools your home with sound levels as low as 74 dBA. The design of the system helps keep sound to a minimum by allowing smooth efficient airflow through the top of the unit outside of your home

We hope this equipment spotlight has been helpful. Taylor Refrigeration always strives to provide our customers with the best most reliable equipment available. As technology becomes available to enhance the life span and efficiency of today’s systems, we want to ensure our customers are informed and educated on the best products available. Should you have questions about your current system or available options for a new system, please contact our office at 904-289-2355. We look forward to providing you with the best equipment and service for your home comfort needs

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