Are your ducts in a row?

Air Duct Cleaning

Why is it that most of us feel the need to "spring clean"? We kick out clutter and the cold as we move on to the short season of spring with a clean, fresh start. For many of us it's the only time of year when we joyfully talk ourselves into cleaning. There is certain satisfaction in knowing that the house is Really clean. Well this season, Really clean the lungs of your home. Just like spring cleaning, when it comes to air quality you should start at the top and work towards the bottom to get the best results. Properly cleaning some components of your heating and air conditioning system while leaving others unchecked is kind of like forgetting to wash your hands before you eat.

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there!

The best thing to do is check your air ducts once or twice a year, and if you notice

a buildup of dirt, debris, or mold you should have them properly cleaned by a professional. The truth is, the air you breath is only as clean as the equipment that the air travels through. If you already have professional maintenance performed on your system, just ask our technician to inspect your ducts for you. This doesn't have to be done constantly, we recommend checking once or twice a year.

To keep your indoor air clean, remember these three Taylor tips this season:

  • Check and/or change your air filters regular.
  • Have your entire air conditioning system professionally cleaned and serviced prior to Spring and Fall.
  • Inspect your air ducts and registers. Have them professionally cleaned at the first sign of dirt, debris, or mold buildup.
Q: Will it make a big mess?
A: No.
Make A Big Mess
Make A Big Mess

How Taylor Refrigeration & Air Conditioning cleans your air ducts:

Our technicians seal all of the vents prior to using equipment specifically designed to properly clean your air ducts. We take our time and thoroughly clean the entire system and returns with highly compressed air. The compressed air travels from one machine into the ducts and is used to loosen contaminants. At the same time, the other machine is working to suck the dirt, debris, mold, allergens, hair balls, etc. out of your house. This method greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to the ductwork and results in a more thorough cleaning.

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